Kinect Boxing Match Ends In Tactical Knock-Out

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In Sweden, a team of cops stormed a couple's home after a neighbor reported that five people were beating the crap out of a woman. Turns out they were all playing boxing on Kinect Sports.

At least I hope that's what Robert Johansson and his five friends were playing; otherwise they should have been arrested for possession of Fighters Uncaged. Anyway, no one was shot, no dogs were killed, no one's grandma was cuffed face-down on the floor. It's Sweden. They had a good laugh about it all.


"Things turned awkward when police showed up and wondered who was getting beaten, we felt rather stupid sitting there in the couch," Johannson said. Police said they regretted the misunderstanding but not their response. "When someone reports domestic abuse, we act immediately," a dispatcher said. "Luckily they were just having fun with video games."

Spelade TV-Spel – då Stormade Polisen In [Aftonbladet, tack Henrik!]

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If it had been America, everyone would have ended up shot... probably, because the panicking people when men dressed in swat uniforms and waving guns around came busting through their front door, what is your natural reaction? To fucking run. And if not all probably at least one person would have ended up shot.

They'd probably also got fined as well.

I say this sarcastically. I don't really know what would happen.