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Kinect 2.0 Sees Your Face, Muscles and Soul. Maybe Not That Last One.

At-home motion capture. Heart rate detection. Compatibility with smaller spaces. Microsoft has been promising impressive things about the new iteration of Kinect, which they kind of have to do seeing as how they’ve made it a mandatory part of buying an Xbox One. Now they’re trying to show you how the motion-sensing sensor will be worth the trouble.

The reality may lag behind all those lofty promises, but there’s no denying that the tech power the new peripheral is impressive. Two new videos offer a pretty deep dive into how Kinect 2.0 does what it does. The hope here is a knowledge base from a previous iteration and software tweaks throughout the Xbox One/Kinect 2.0 lifecycle will convert skeptics into believers. There’s no use lying about how much you do or don’t like Kinect. Remember: it can see inside you.

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