Gaming connoisseur and poisonous celebrity Kim Kardashian is super psyched for the next Call of Duty, she said on Twitter today. Because the graphics look crazy.


"But wait," you might be thinking. "Doesn't Kim Kardashian sell her tweets?

Nope, Kardashian says. It wasn't a paid tweet. She and her brother play Call of Duty "all the time."

(Of course, we followed up with Activision to verify that and they confirmed that it wasn't done through them.)

Perhaps most entertaining is reading Twitterers' responses to Kardashian's newfound love for video games.


"Give it 72 days," says one tweeter, referring to Kardashian's infamously short-lived marriage with NBA power forward Kris Humphries. "You'll get over it."


Kardashian's response:


Photo: AP/Evan Agostini

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