Killzone 2 Officially Dated For February

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The next big PlayStation 3 exclusive will be hitting North America early next year, as Killzone 2 has been officially dated for February 27, 2009. Sony announced the launch date on today's episode of X-Play.


The sequel was infamously confirmed at E3 2005 with a pre-rendered teaser trailer, making the wait almost four years long for Guerrilla Games' futuristic first-person shooter. The game has not yet been dated for other territories, but has been privately beta testing over the past quarter.

SCEA managing producer Kyle Shubel revealed the date along with two new weapons during a Killzone 2 preview on G4 earlier today. A clip from that episode can be seen after the break.

'Killzone 2' Release Date: February 27, 2009!! [G4]



As the weeks roll by I'm only seeing and reading more and more good impressions for this game. Wish I had gotten into this game's beta over any other, but I'm willing to wait. I hope all this time and effort pays off for Guerrilla in not only a great game, but great sales. I know, we've all been burned in the past by built-up games. But eh, so far I haven't bought a bad PS3 game yet, and I have a good feeling about this one.

Also, it's good to see that the predictable crowd of KZ haters has learned to keep silent when they have nothing to add. Oh, wait...