Killer: Online Gaming Made Me Crazy

Just as China declares internet addiction a "mental disorder," 22 year-old Hu Ange from Sichuan Province is now trying to claim insanity after being sentenced to death for poisoning his parents and spending their money on online games. Back in March 2007, Hu's parents gave him 50,000 yuan (US$7,353) to support his seafood business — he spent all the money on online game Legend. Flash forward to July 14, 2007 when he purchased 20 packs of tetramine and poisoned his father the following morning. His father was saved thanks to emergency treatment. Days later on July 20, he bought 45 more packs of tetramine and served them with mixed beef on July 24, poisoning both his parents at lunch. Hu did not respond to his dying mother's pleas for help, because he was in his room playing Legend. If poisoning one's parents on multiple occasions wasn't nutty enough, this wacko's gotta drag gaming into it. Killer seeks appraisal forInternet addiction [Shanghai Daily via GamePolitics]


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