You Get Better Guns For Looking At Women's Breasts In Killer Is Dead

Mondo Zappa, the hero of the new game Killer Is Dead, enjoys the occasional drink with a lady between missions. Apparently the reason he does is that as he stares at their breasts and legs, he works up the courage to give them a gift. In return, he can get a new gun arm!


Here's a look at the mechanics of the first gigolo mission, including a look at what happens when you stare too long:

There are several of these "gigolo" missions, including one with a vampire, for some reason. You can go back and re-do these missions as many times as you want, but the price for the gifts goes up every time you buy one. Oh, did I mention there are also X-ray glasses? Because there are. Take a look:


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Cue the "I'm sick and tired of Kotaku pointing out blatant misogyny in the things I like! Why won't they just let me play my games and nurture my contempt of women in peace?" crowd in 3... 2... 1...