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Kill la Kill the Game: IF, released earlier this week, is a fighting game with a story. And publishers Arc System Works are so protective of it that they’ve stated “all streams and uploads” of the game’s story mode “are prohibited indefinitely”.


It’s not the first time the publisher of a Japanese video game has tried something like this—Atlus made threats against streamers revealing Persona 5's plot—and indeed it’s not even the first time Arc System have done it, having previously tried to ban uploads of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s story mode.


On the one hand, you can see their point. They’ve likely got figures guessing how many people don’t buy a game when they can just stream the story for free on YouTube instead, and that figure is high enough to justify attempting a ban like this.

But on the’s a very bad look. YouTube playthroughs of games are as part of the world as the sun and the sky in 2019, and trying to stamp on fans and owners of your product from sharing their experiences maybe isn’t the best PR move.

I’ve asked Arc System Works just how exactly they’re planning on prohibiting these streams and uploads—just in case it’s not the previously-tried nuclear option of going after people’s accounts—and will update if they provide specifics.

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