Kill It With Fire? It Might Already Be Dead

This ToHeart2 figure looks like the work of the devil. Relax, because the company that released it apparently isn't around anymore to frighten you.

Japanese figure maker Taki Corporation has gone under it seems. While Taki had secured the rights to make figures for big properties like Dr. Slump and Dragonball, quality had been slipping in the last few years.


The company even produced a line of plush toys for Dream Club, the Xbox 360 bar hostess game.

As of July 1, the company's DVD business was transferred to a company called Odessa Entertainment, which could be a rebranding of Taki Corporation. Odessa Entertainment does not have any figures listed on its site. Taki's affairs are believed to have been taken over by another company.

The "Hobby" section can no longer be easily accessed on the Taki Corporation site, and there are reports that the company has gone under. Kotaku placed several phone calls to the company, but there was repeatedly no answer.


数々の泥人形を世に送り出してきたタキコーポレーションが倒産 [はちま起稿]

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