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Well it's over, ladies and gentlemen. European World of Warcraft guild SK Gaming has downed the final boss of the Sunwell Plateau update, Kil'Jaeden, bringing to a close the events that led to the Dark Portal opening in the first place. Everyone is now instructed to head on home and keep an ear out just in case they discover some long-lost continent to the North of the two main Azerothian continents.


In all seriousness, congratulations to SK Gaming for their accomplishment, which unfortunately only goes to punctuate the awkward balance of story and gameplay in MMOspace. Were this a novel or a movie, this would be considered the greatest of victories. Feasts would be held, Ewoks would sing nub-nub all night long, etc,.

In MMOspace, we just get in queue and kill him again, until we decide to kill somebody else. Woot.


Kil'Jaeden DOWN World First [SK Gaming via Eurogamer]

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