What were you doing when you were 13 years old? Me? I can't recall, but I was probably spending most of my time playing Magic: The Gathering and painting my 40K miniatures. But I know for a fact I wasn't skateboarding or riding my BMX bike. Maybe it's the Tony Hawk generation finally growing up. I don't know. But at least Sony is trying to help the child obesity epidemic in America by holding a country-wide tour to showcase the best in youth action sports. It just wrapped up this week and, apparently, "hundreds" turned out for this. What did the winners receive for their hard work and effort? Why, video games of course!

This year's PlayStation AM JAM winners included: Skateboarding (14 years and up): Timmy Knuth of Melbourne, Florida; Skateboarding (13 years and under): Ryan Thompson of Katy, Texas ; Skateboarding Vert: Ben Hatchell from Manassas, Virginia; BMX: Trey Jones from Apopka, Florida. The PlayStation AM JAM finals winners received $5,000, a scholarship to Camp Woodward and/or Woodward West facilities for the entire 2009 season, a PLAYSTATION®3 system, and a PlayStation® prize pack (worth an approximate value of $5,600). Past winners of the PlayStation AM JAM have continued on to become professional athletes in their respective sports, including Mike Spinner, Dave Bachinsky and Evan Smith.

Anyone want to guess what $5,600 worth of Playstation stuff could be? Go here to see more pictures and movies from this event.