No matter where you are in the world, you can count on one thing: kids love to have fun and play with toys.

While researching a magazine article, photographer Gabriele Galimberti took a whole bunch of photographs of children all over the world with their most prized possessions, toys. The toys showcased vary from child to child, especially depending on where the child is from—but all the photographs are a joy to look at.

Here's a small sample from a post over at Slate (and in case you're wondering, the first image is from Japan.)

Naya, Age 3, from Costa Rica


Arafa and Aisha, age 5, Zanzibar

Watcharapon, Age 4, Thailand


Julius, Age 3, Switzerland

You can look at more pictures in this series over at Slate. Their interview with Galimberti is fascinating, too. A small taste:

Generally speaking, I can say that [getting the children to pose with their toys] was easier in the poorest countries. Rich children tend to be more possessive of what they have, even if they usually have a lot more toys than children in poor countries.


Probably not surprising, huh?