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Kid Played Too Much Age Of Empires, So Took Up Archery

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, the Australian Youth Olympic Festival kicked off in Sydney. Mostly boring. Less boring, though, is the story of the flag-bearer for the ceremony, who only took up sport after being kicked off his computer.

Ryan Tyack, 17, is competing at the festival as an archer, having taken up the sport in 2001. Why'd he take up the sport? Because his mother was "despairing" at the amount of time he was spending on his PC, hacking away at Age of Empires.


So she urged him to take up a sport. And he picked archery.

I just sat around playing Age of Empires all the time and my mum wanted me to do a sport and meet some kids. So I chose either fencing or archery as Age Of Empires had swordsmen and archers


Lucky he wasn't playing Grand Theft Auto...

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