An unnamed 17 year-old kid has been arrested, and may face felony charges, after being caught organising a DDOS attack against the West Ada School District in Idaho, which has 52 schools and 32,000 students.

The attacks took place earlier this month, reports KTVB (via Daily Dot), and resulted in the schools being unable to reliably access the internet for over a week. The attacks took place while students were taking their Idaho Standard Achievement tests; a District spokesperson says kids “lost all their work, and some had to take the tests multiple times this week.”

Multiple times? Sheesh.

The absurd thing is he didn’t even do the job himself; the accused paid someone else to do it, which didn’t stop police from being able to track him down regardless.

If the boy is charged with a felony (for computer crime), he’s looking at up to 180 days in juvenile detention. And his parents will be handed the bill “for any financial restitution suffered by the school district.”