Fans of gaming...personalities (?) Yogscast have been left in the lurch after a Kickstarter to create a game based on the popular crew went nowhere.

Eurogamer have the full story, including comments from Yogscast, but the gist is that in 2012 a third-party ran a successful (over $500,000!) Kickstarter for a game called Yogventures. That game has since failed to materialise and the studio has gone bust, leaving backers scrambling for refunds and Yogscast scrambling for a way to make things right.


To their credit, they've done probably as good a job as they could under the circumstances: backers of the dead game are instead getting free copies of another game, TUG, which we actually covered briefly last year.

Yogscast is also doing their best to ensure that the physical rewards promised for Yogventures are still sent out.

Kickstarter-funded Yogventures canned, backers given Steam key for another game instead [Eurogamer]

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