Kicking Back, Drinking Some Beer And Playing Candy Crush Saga

Voted least likely to be the subject of a drunken 'Let's Play' video on YouTube, here King's social/mobile puzzle sensation demonstrates it's near-universal appear as Major and Squarepainter take on Candy Crush Saga's dreaded level 65.

What the pair have done in this series of videos (see part two and part three), is unwittingly captured my inner dialogue as I play through Candy Crush Saga. I love the game. I hate it. I randomly say "penis." This game transforms me into a pair of drunk guys.


Or at least it did. I've not played the game for at least a month now, stuck on a level where I am supposed to match two pairs of exploding candies. Prettty sure I'm done now.

Level 65: Candy Crush Saga Part 1 [YouTube]

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