Keeping The Mirror's Edge Dream Alive

Benny Lee is an artist who does industrial design, fashion editorials and portraits. Oh, and also amazing Mirror's Edge cosplay.

Lee may just be the man taking the photos here, but it's the extra effort that goes into turning a simple shot of some people in costume into scenes from a video game world that make them so great.


These Mirror's Edge photos, taken in 2009, are just one of Lee's examples of awesome cosplay shots. Check out his gallery linked below for other pics from Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil and more.

Mirror's Edge was released in 2008. It has its problems, but those who can get past them found a game like no other, in terms of its free-running spirit and unique visuals. Its those fans - and I'm one of them - who maintain a silent vigil that, one day, publisher Electronic Arts will see fit to release a sequel.

Benny Lee - Cosplay [Benny Lee, via Gamefreaks]


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