Kaz Says PS3 Exclusives "The Best Out There"

Kaz Hirai, master of all things PlayStation, better known as Special K to his crew, says that the power of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios is "unrivaled." According to a report from MCV, Kaz was not quoted as implying that should Nintendo or Microsoft attempt to step to this, they'd best check themselves before they wreck themselves. He then posed.

"Our first-party product is obviously platform exclusive and is the best out there," Mr. Hirai says, namechecking upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives like LittleBigPlanet, God of War III and Resistance 2. In addition to those internally developed games, Kaz, not pictured, points once again to the power of the Blu-ray format, saying that bonus content exclusive to the PS3 platform is totally rad.


"Peace!" Kaz then didn't say. I'm out.

Hirai: Rivals can't compete with PS3's exclusives [MCV]

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