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Katamari iPhone: Fixed!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I reviewed I Love Katamari on the iPhone the other day. Had some rather unkind things to say about it, mostly because it didn't work. Today, an update's been released for the game.


And now it works! Boy, Namco Bandai, bet you wish you'd held off for a couple of weeks and released this version of the game instead of the shitty one you first put out.

A tilt sensor has been added to the game display, showing you where you're tilting your phone relative to where you want to be tilting it, which really helps with controlling the thing.


More importantly, though, the game's crippling framerate issues have been magically solved. You'll still get a slight stutter when you level up, but actual gameplay is now as smooth as butter, and the speed of your katamari at higher levels has also been greatly improved, allowing for a far more enjoyable, far less frustrating experience.