Namco Bandai's heading back to the Katamari mines this year for the PlayStation 3-only release of Katamari Forever—perhaps more aptly named Katamari Damacy Tribute in Japan. That "tribute" aspect is highlighted in its remixed, 8-bit influenced soundtrack.

One of the musical artists tapped to contribute to the Katamari Forever soundtrack is Japanese chiptunes outfit YMCK. The group covers "A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic" from the original Katamari Damacy, giving it a more old-school digital spin.


Care to take a listen?

The original version can be heard at YouTube.

The Katamari Forever soundtrack won't be a strictly chiptunes affair, as the game's sound director Yuu Miyake writes on the official that the warmed over Katamari will feature both "electric" and "organic" jams.


I haven't touched a Katamari game since the PlayStation 2 release We Love Katamari, due to a feeling of sameness with the most PSP, Xbox 360 and iPhone releases and a lack of Keita Takahashi inolvement, but I may check out Forever. Not sure if the cel-shaded look appeals to me in this particular entry, but we'll see.

Katamari Forever - The Music []

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