Katamari Damacy's Chaotic Lore Summed Up In Under One Minute

Zeurel and Octopimp's short animation—which is just as good as the original cutscenes—about the first Katamari game's silly plot is enough proof to be sure: it's impossible not to love Katamari Damacy.


Sadly it doesn't explain how it's possible to rip through the fabric of the universe by serving a tennis ball too hard in Beautiful Katamari. Maybe in another video.

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Abandoned Account

Speaking of Katamari, has anyone reached out to Namco Bandai to see if the rumors of Katamari on PS4 is real? Can you imagine the amount of stuff they would be able to insert into it? And oh man the potential for true split screen same level co-op game play (not sharing a ball but both rolling at the same time and the King of all Cosmos merges them together some how)?!?

You know what, forget it, an Amiibo based Wii U Katamari game would be better. Hardware limitations would exist, but can you imagine rolling up the Mushroom kingdom? Come on Nintendo, make this crossover happen!!!!