Katamari Damacy Designer Leaves Namco Bandai, Calls It "So-So"

It seems that Keita Takahashi, the man known for Katamari Damacy, has left Namco Bandai.

Takahashi's departure was confirmed by website Play.tm.

In recent years, Takahashi has seemed increasingly disinterested in gaming. In an August interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, the game designer said, "At E3 I saw people putting on speeches but I thought the future seemed a bit dark. The 3D games didn't spark my interest. I think motion control's a bit old now."


Last week, Takahashi gave an interview with tech blog The Setup in which he said he makes video games "for the so-so Namco Bandai Games Inc."

In the 11 years he worked for Namco Bandai, he made 4 titles. As the Katamari Damacy series became more popular, Takahashi became less involved with the subsequent sequels.

"Now, I'm participating in a project to re-design an old park in Nottingham, UK," he told The Setup.

Keita Takahashi leaves Namco, calls it a 'so-so' company [Play.tm] [Pic]

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