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Kanye sure has been Tweeting a lot lately. Today’s topic? Video games.

Right now, Kanye says that his follow-up to The Life of Pablo will be named...

There’s a reason for that choice, of course.

Kanye actually told us a little bit about his favorite games tonight, too.


Not to mention, a few days ago he once again compared himself to a character in Wreck-It-Ralph, the Disney movie about video games. Specifically, he insists he’s Vanellope Von Schweetz, AKA the glitch. You know, I can kind of see the similarities...


I kind of doubt his next album will actually be named Turbo Grafx 16, given how many times The Life of Pablo was renamed, but still. This is amazing, especially for a Friday night.

Here’s hoping the next thing Kanye Tweets about is his video game’s release date!