K2: Billy Mitchell As A Hunter Killer Robot

If you thought The King of Kong was story of a desperate man out to protect his record, wait until you get a load of K2: The King, The Kong, and the Ugly, a G4 original production.

Sure it's a bit stupid, childish, hokey, and inane. Most of the time it isn't even particularly funny. What strikes me is how terrifying the thought of being chased around by Billy Mitchell with futuristic weapons actually is. I would be terrified, but practical, cutting off my own hands so the record could never come to pass. When a maniacal gaming hot sauce maker is ready to gun you down you have to think on your toes, people.

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Ah, that was hilarious! As a fan of the "King of Kong" and "T2", thats truly brilliant.

I have yet to figure out who has the greatest mullet in videogaming history: Billy Mitchel, Brian Crecente or Segasata Sanshiro.

We (really) need a showdown to settle this one.