K-Pop Pick Of The Day: You're The Best

Track: You’re The Best | Artist: MAMAMOO | Album: Melting
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MAMAMOO occupies an interesting position in the K-Pop market. They’re not quite billed as an idol group, like, say, Red Velvet or TWICE. At the same time, though, they’re not quite indie, either. They occupy the space in between, and they’re damn good at filling it.


We’ve met some of MAMAMOO’s members before, in solo or collaborative efforts. But the entire quartet of Solar, Whee In, Moonbyul and Hwasa is notable for being one of the, if not the, most vocally capable lineups currently active in K-Pop today. Since their debut in 2014, their title tracks have consistently showcased an impressive range of vocal talent and range, from Mr Ambiguous to their latest with Wind Flower. Combined with their real passion for their work that comes through in behind-the-scenes videos such as these, and you’ve got a winning formula.

MAMAMOO also doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which adds to their likability. Their most offbeat release might be Aze Gag, which directly translates to “dad jokes” and is, predictably, filled with Korean-language puns that defy translation in a karaoke-styled music video:

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I’ve been saying for years that Hwasa deserved the spotlight for a bit, so I’m glad that she finally had it with that collab song and the viral gopchang clips. Eff the haters; I think she’s so pretty!

While I appreciate the musical variation this year in terms of sound and genres, I feel like their goofiness has been toned down a lot this year, musically.

Also, what was up with that overworking/concert drama?