Track: You Are To Me, I Am To You | Artist: Sights Of Bicycling | Album: The Classic OST

Okay, let’s go back in time.

You Are To Me, I Am To You is a 2003 song that was featured as part of the soundtrack for The Classic, an incredibly popular film that boosted Son Ye Jin to fame — and this song, as well.

This is a bit of a personal song for me; I grew up listening to this, among many other classic Korean songs, as part of a rotating case of CDs that my parents would always store in the glove compartment of our family minivan.

Many road trips were had where I would absentmindedly stare out the windows, imagining a life so exciting and so romantic where it would be worthy of a soundtrack like this one. (Unfortunately, the closest I ever came to recreating a K-drama was when I got caught out in the rain in the middle of the forest... and that’s the whole story.)