K-Pop Pick Of The Day: You And I

Track: You And I | Artist: Dreamcatcher | Album: Escape The ERA

If there was an award for “Song That Would Be Perfect For An Anime Opening”, Dreamcatcher’s You And I would be an immediate contender.


Dreamcatcher is one of those groups that are currently treading water in that grey zone between unqualified success and abject failure; their releases never blow it out of the park, but garner enough fans, streams and sales with each passing promotion cycle to keep the group chugging along.

Somewhat uniquely among girl groups, Dreamcatcher likes to focus on rock and even a tinge of heavy metal, as You And I’s powerful instrumentals attest. That influence can be readily seen from their debut song, Chase Me, and onward, with title tracks like Full Moon and What continuing that theme.

Incidentally, Dreamcatcher’s You And I should not be confused with IU’s song of the same name, which could also stand as an anime opening song of its own, albeit one for a completely different genre. If Dreamcatcher sounds like the opening to a futuristic mecha-dystopian anime, IU could be the start of a romantic coming-of-age story:

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I know they have their fans — AsianJunkie loves them — but I cannot get into Dreamcatcher. I am not into rock, for one thing.

At least they seem to be succeeding on some level, though. I guess in terms of niche recognition? The people that like them REALLY like them, I feel. Way more than Dal*Shabet.