K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Written In The Stars

Track: Written In The Stars | Artist: John Legend & Wendy | Album: Written In The Stars (digital single)
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I really need to start paying better attention to what SM Entertainment is doing with their STATION brand, because I totally slept on this amazing collaboration between John Legend and Red Velvet’s Wendy—for almost three months, it seems.

I’m also ashamed to report that I had never heard a single John Legend song until I watched La La Land in 2016 and heard Start A Fire, which (the film’s themes aside) became one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack. This led me to explore his discography and history, and hoo boy, have I been missing out.

Here, though, I’m just glad Wendy gets to sing in English beyond a few flavor lines in Red Velvet releases (or for staid humorous effect in TV shows) and collaborate on a track that expands her comfort zone beyond Red Velvet’s traditional boundaries. And, as pretty much everyone knows by this point, I’m a sucker for an acoustic guitar.

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I love that K-Pop is getting more and more mainstream in the US; the slower stuff isn’t necessarily my style (although this isn’t bad), but it’s still fun to see this collab.