K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Workaholic

Track: Workaholic | Artist: Bolbbalgan Puberty | Album: Two Five
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Nothing says “summer is over” more than the prospect of heading back into your dull, dreary workplace for the week. If Bolbbalgan Puberty’s latest is any indication, we’re in for a truly soul-sucking time.


Workaholic is a delicious piece of R&B-tinged indie music, complemented by a playful music video that compresses the average salaried worker’s workweek into a montage of heartily relatable snippets. (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve shoulder-checked a poor commuter so I could grab a spot on the subway...)

For Bolbbalgan Puberty, Workaholic is a bit of a turn from their usual preferred sound, which tends to run more on the side of sunny, happy-go-lucky, springtime music (as songs like Bom and Galaxy attest). Considering they’re more than three years past their debut, though, this progression feels only natural. I’m anxious to see what this indie duo will get up to next.

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