K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Wonder

Track: Wonder | Artist: ADOY | Album: Love (EP)
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English lyrics? In K-Pop? This might be the furthest we’ve stretched the definition of the genre so far, but Wonder is worth it.

Don’t let this song’s lack of Korean lyrics fool you, or dissuade you from giving it a listen. ADOY is eminently a Korean indie band, formed in 2015, who just happens to use English in all of their songs. Wonder is the title track to their second extended play, Love, which released last year.


Wonder’s lovely city pop-inspired sound is accentuated by a music video saturated with pops of color, from bright pastels to rich shadow-laden darker tones. I recommend watching it in 240p for the genuine experience, as the aesthetics and the music lend themselves to a truly nostalgic experience.

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