K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Winter Rain

Track: Winter | Artist: Seyoung | Album: Winter Rain (single)
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Winter is winding down, and that means I have precious few days left to share as much cold weather-inspired music as possible.


A lot of Korean indie music fits the snowy months the best, and Seyoung’s Winter Rain is no exception to that rule. Maybe it’s the soothing synth, or the cold-tinted music video, or the evocative, introspective lyrics. It all combines here to create a song that would’ve perfectly complemented our last snowfall of the season a few days ago (if the predictions are correct).

Winter was never my favorite time of the year. Yes, snow is beautiful, snowboarding is pretty dope, and if I drink one hot toddy, I’ll end up drinking seven. But I’ll always prefer the verdant color of spring, or the muted handsomeness of fall, or even the humid vivacity of summer.

That being said, though, sometimes winter likes to remind me that it has its place—when my boots pleasantly crunch through the morning walk to the subway, or a freak blizzard blows through Manhattan and the office rushes to the windows to get a glimpse in heated comfort, or when I’m gearing up for the first run of the season in fresh powder. And, without it, we wouldn’t have songs like Winter Rain.

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