K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Voodoo Doll

Track: Voodoo Doll | Artist: VIXX | Album: Voodoo
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What if voodoo dolls came alive and turned into K-Pop idols? We’ve all had that dream, right? No? Just me? Okay, then.

VIXX debuted in 2012 and is well-known for preferring a slightly darker, moodier side to their album concepts than most of their contemporary boy groups, which is well-represented here with Voodoo Doll.

While this song is a banger to be sure, I’ll be honest—part of the reason I featured Voodoo Doll today is because I wanted to share its absolutely amazing YouTube description, which still stands as one of the most unintentionally humorous examples of Engrish to live on the Internet:

VIXX came back as ‘VOODOO DOLL’ who has sad fate!

Now release the 1st regular album title song ‘VOODOO DOLL’ M/V! In this title song M/V, VIXX members become ‘Voodoo doll’ itself to sacrifice for the other’s wrong love. VIXX acted about the sad fate ‘Voodoo dolll’. For the high quality of Music video VIXX tried special makeup and wire action.

VIXX tries to keep everything perfect with Performance, musicality, and visual! to show the public!


Every single word of this—down to the typos—is copied and pasted from the official YouTube video, which I emphasize again, is an official release from a well-known label.

Christ. This column should just be turned into Engrish Example Of The Day.

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