Track: Umbrella | Artist: Younha | Album: Umbrella (single)

One of my very first picks for this column was Umbrella by Epik High. Today, I’m featuring a cover of that song by Younha, because I love both her — and this song — so much.

Younha, who was featured in the original Epik High track, is an accomplished solo artist in her own right, with a long list of successful albums and soundtracks. If you liked this one, go listen to her soundtrack for the K-drama Cinderella and Four Knights, or perhaps Run, which shows off her vocal cords a bit better.

As for the two competing versions of Umbrella, I’m torn as to which one I enjoy more. I definitely miss Tablo’s rap in this cover, but we get approximately 200% more Younha in his place, so it all balances out, I suppose? (Don’t tell Thanos.)