K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Together We Can

Track: Together We Can | Artist: BESTie | Album: Together We Can (single)
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Idol groups don’t only promote cell phones and hair products. Sometimes, they produce entire songs for various PSAs, like BESTie did when they partnered with the Seoul police to release Together We Can.

Together We Can is a PSA against bullying, and schoolyard bullying in particular. This is a problem everywhere, but especially in South Korea, where kids spend, on average, far longer in school compared to their American brethren and endures a much more regimented schedule. A quick Google search for “bullying in South Korea” returns millions of results.


The lyrics aren’t very subtle, as PSAs are wont to be; just in case you weren’t entirely clear what they were promoting, BESTie sings “I don’t like school bullying, I really don’t like school bullying”. I suppose it’s better than “you wouldn’t download a car”?

Together We Can isn’t actually a new song, by the strict definition of the word; the lyrics are new, and tailored for the PSA, but the melody actually comes from I Need You, another BESTie song that was released a month prior.

On a side note, the first thing I noticed in this video were the dancing police officers in dress blues, under (what I’m assuming) is direct sunlight. As someone who had to don dress blues at least once a month for four years, I can only cringe at the amount of sweat that must’ve pooled under their uniforms. There’s a cost to looking fly, and that cost is comfort.

This is Brand Song Week, where we pick out some of the best songs to come out of K-Pop endorsement deals.

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