Track: The Ocean Of Yours | Artist: J_ust | Album: T_wo, Second
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We’ve barreled through a few straight days’ worth of mainstream K-Pop idol music, which means it’s time to take things down a few notches. Back to Korean indie we go.


This song is subtitled The Song Good For Nighttime Listening, which is very to the point—and also 100% true, as I can attest while finishing this draft at (checks watch) 2:40 in the morning. Everything about this track is chill: the instrumentals are chill, the tempo is chill, J_ust’s vocals are chill. The Ocean Of Yours is the aural equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman And Robin.

There isn’t a lot of information behind J_ust, whose real name is Seo Seok Woo. The earliest release under his name I can find is a 2015 song called Thinking Of Mother, and it’s a wonderful, low-key acoustic track much like this one, if a little less polished.

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