K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Tell Me Your Wish

Track: Tell Me Your Wish | Artist: Girls’ Generation | Album: Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
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Here’s the second of three K-Pop songs that pulled me into the fandom, and it’s the first time we’re repeating artists (this isn’t going to be a regular thing, I promise).


I suppose it does show the influence that Girls’ Generation wielded in the industry for a good half-decade, though. For a few years between Gee and a varying endpoint (depending on who you ask), these nine ladies held on the title of the premier “nation’s girl group”.

Tell Me Your Wish is probably one of their most iconic songs. Also note their beautiful sailor outfits in this video, which continue to influence K-Pop stage fashion to this day.

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Andy Cormack

I would say it all started going downhill for them after Jessica left / was forced out. That being said the album directly after that departure, Lion Heart, is actually one of my favourites, so I’m torn.

I also still enjoy their newer songs, but it seems to have lost a bit of the magic from their heyday.

Jessica’s solo stuff since then has been great too, of which I’m sure you’re well aware but others may not be, this one being her first release after leaving Girl’s Generation and has clear tones of “I’m doing just fine without you” in it: