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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Swimming Pool

Track: Swimming Pool | Artist: Bye Bye Badman | Album: Because I Want To (EP)
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Summer is very nearly upon us. Here in New York, where Kotaku’s mothership is based, that means the advent of sticky, humid weather that has you aching for—you got it—a swimming pool.


Swimming Pool is Bye Bye Badman (BBB)’s title track for their second extended play, 2013's Because I Want To. BBB is a relatively older indie band, having released their first eponymous EP in 2011. They haven’t dropped a new track since April of last year, and their Instagram has been similarly moribund since September, which sows some doubts as to their eventual return.

That’s a shame, since Swimming Pool is great; I especially enjoy the extended instrumental break leading up to the chorus and the shakers that come in near the end to bring the whole thing together. Although... is the swimming pool empty? Because if the lyrics are to be believed, you’re singing and dancing in it, which is kind of impossible if it’s filled with water, right? Am I reading too much into things, or is Swimming Pool secretly a PSA for underwater ballet? One may never know.

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