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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Sunset Glow

Track: Sunset Glow | Artist: Big Bang | Album: Remember
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As someone who — by the sheer definition of his profession — has to stay plugged in to the goings-on of the world, today has been particularly stressful. Luckily, I have a “feel better” playlist that includes several cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and generally uplifting tracks. Boy, do I need it.


Big Bang’s Sunset Glow is actually a modern cover (if you count 2008 as “modern”) of one of K-Pop’s most iconic songs, originally sung by legendary artist Lee Moon Sae back in 1988. Give the original a whirl; it still stands up to scrutiny today.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go tune out everything, close Twitter, and dance like no one’s watching.

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Wow, Big Bang look like babies here! Didn’t even recognize them at first.

Love this feature; keep the K-pop comin’!