K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Summer Night

Track: Summer Night (Remix) | Artist: Gray (feat. Hoody) | Album: Summer Night (Remix) (digital single)
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As we close the book on July and move into August, it’s important to remember that autumn—and its welcome respite from the oppressive summer heat—is still almost two months away. The only thing to do, therefore, is keep on playing those summer songs, and hope they can ease our sweaty suffering a little bit.


Gray (real name Lee Seong Hwa) debuted in 2012, and is perhaps best known for his collaborations with some of Korea’s big hip-hop names, including Jay Park and Loco. Despite that, though, my favorite track from his discography remains this unpretentious, popping ode to summer.

This remixed version of 2013's Summer Night is a bit more synth-y and energetic than the original, making it an ideal accompaniment to a beach boombox or a casual rooftop hang. (I can attest to its party success, having successfully included it in my barbecue playlist this past weekend.) Of course, the original is pretty good, too:

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