Track: Sorry Sorry | Artist: Super Junior | Album: Sorry, Sorry
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A decade after it was released, Super Junior’s 2009 hit Sorry Sorry remains one of K-Pop’s untouchable anthems.

Blessed with a tremendously addictive chorus and an easily replicated choreography, Sorry Sorry is one of those songs that, if you count yourself as a general K-Pop fan, you just have to know. At the very least, you heard it in passing—as background music on television, or as a cover by another group.


In 2019, ten years later, we seem to be on the verge of a long-awaited full Super Junior comeback. For the past several years, the group’s members have cycled through Korea’s mandatory military service, staggering their arrival and departure dates so enough people could remain behind to keep the Super Junior name alive. (When your group is comprised of a dozen or so members, this mere act becomes a true logistical challenge.) Now, they’re poised to return to compete with the new blood, and the question remains: can they keep up?

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