K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Some

Track: Some | Artist: Junggigo & Soyou (feat. Lil Boi) | Album: Some (single)
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Some was the sleeper hit of 2014, beating out many big idol group comebacks to become one of the most representative songs of the year.

As a collaboration between veteran hip-hopper Junggigo and Sistar vocalist Soyou, Some gathered a bit of pre-release hype, but no one could’ve expected the song to blow up as big as it did, sweeping all of the major music charts and blowing away its competition on weekly music shows over and over again.

As I’ve previously outlined, I’m a pretty big proponent of music videos morphing themselves into sweet little K-drama episodes. The visual element of K-Pop is, for many, the hook that reeled them into this genre of music, and I’m always appreciative when a video takes that extra step—thematically, structurally or visually—to make themselves stand out as more than just attractive people dancing in colorful boxes.


Not that the music takes a back seat in Some. This wonderful little duet features an addictive and extremely sing-along-friendly chorus, aiding in its rise as a karaoke staple since its release. It’s definitely meant for two people, though; I learned that the hard way!

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Fatty Mcfatfat

Man, this song is already over 5 years old? It used to be played all the time at Korean BBQ and fried chicken joints around K-town. Really cute to see Dasom and Baro play things off as if they aren’t that into each other. Even when Junggigo revisited this song with some hand-picked members of WJSN, it still feels timeless.