K-Pop Pick Of The Day: The Space Between

Track: The Space Between | Artist: Urban Zakapa (feat. Soyou) | Album: The Space Between (single)
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I love it when K-Pop music videos turn into episodes of K-drama lite (barring, say, 20-minute-long monstrosities), and the video for The Space Between is one of the best I’ve watched.


It’s a classic K-drama plot condensed into the running time of an average pop song, but it’s got everything you’d expect: a screwball mix-up, an initial misunderstanding, and a slow but steady ascent into friendship (complete with the requisite tent-café-soju-drinking-scene) climaxing in a loveable, saccharine happy ending. It may be filled with clichés, but boy, do I love it. And the funny thing is, I don’t generally like K-dramas!

Urban Zakapa is a three-member indie R&B group that debuted in 2011, although the lone female member Cho Hyun Ah abstained for this collaboration with Sistar’s Soyou. Soyou has participated in several one-off duet releases over the years; while this one is my personal favorite, Some, her duet with Junggigo, is probably the most well-known. (It came out of nowhere, and quickly became the biggest song of 2014.)

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Mud brought receipts


The lack of drunk ajushi yelling obscenities at each other ruins the immersion for me.