Track: Snail Mail | Artist: Younha | Album: Snail Mail (single)
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Younha is back! Snail Mail is only a single, but her fans—myself included—will take whatever we can get.

Within her fandom, Younha is (in)famous for spreading out her music to near comedic levels. Among her full album releases, her most recent album came out in 2017, following her Supersonic album, which released in... 2012. Five years! Considering how fast K-Pop moves, Younha’s release schedule is positively glacial. Entire idol groups are created and disbanded in that time frame.


Thankfully, though, when she does release music, it’s usually great. Snail Mail is a classic ballad that harkens back to the analog days, a nostalgic love letter to a time when we slid down playground slides and spent hours in the stuffy corner bookstore.

As with most things Younha, Snail Mail is best appreciated live. While she hasn’t promoted this track on the big music shows, she did perform on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, a music program that’s decidedly more low-key than the frenetic prime-time shows and fits Younha much better:

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