K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Run

Track: Run | Artist: Younha | Album: Supersonic
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It’s summer. You’re working on your beach body. Jogging seems like an easy way to do it. Your running soundtrack would benefit from the inclusion of Younha’s Run.


The rhythmic drums, set at a perfect allegro pace, mimic the steady beating of feet on pavement as best as a song could. I especially love the way the vocals and the percussion build up to the chorus, and how the song gradually crescendos to a triumphant finish at 3:10. Run is perfect for those moments when you need motivation for something: to get out of bed, to finish writing a paper, to suck up your fears and face whatever’s bothering you head on.

Run is a far cry from the other Younha song I’ve talked about, Umbrella. While the latter is more introspective, calm and thoughtful, Run hits you like a freight train of positive emotion. Get a move on, it says. Just hit the ground running, and everything else will sort itself out.

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amyrlinn (old)

This is entirely a symptom of me being largely unfamiliar with this genre of music, but are there any guy groups that do similar upbeat, driving music? Bigbang is really the only one I can think of that does anything higher-tempo.