K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Really Really

Track: Really Really | Artist: Cherry Bullet | Album: Love Adventure (single)
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I’ve become quite fond of the newbie group Cherry Bullet, despite their somewhat underbaked debut. Maybe it has something to do with their insistence on video-game-themed music videos. (That’s probably it.)

Really Really is a much better title track than their first one, which struck me as having more in common with a demo song than something ready for the public. The instrumental backing sounds more polished and feels natural, and the verse and the chorus flow together far better than Q&A ever did.


Cherry Bullet—one of the more creative idol group monikers out there—is the brainchild of FNC, the company behind the girl group AOA. AOA seems to be winding things down as of late; Mina announced her departure recently, and while the others have renewed their contracts, it’s pretty clear that Cherry Bullet is meant as an eventual replacement for AOA, whenever that group runs out of steam. Thus the K-Pop cycle continues.

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