K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Notorious

Track: Notorious | Artist: TRAX / LIP2SHOT | Album: SM Station
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If you didn’t know SM Entertainment housed a rock band called TRAX, you’re forgiven — it sometimes feels like they’re the proverbial ugly duckling of the bunch, given their erratic, near-nonexistent releases. It’s a shame because if nothing else, K-Pop could use more rock.

Thankfully, the benevolent powers-that-be saw fit to release this band from the dungeon, if only for the briefest moment in the shape of a digital single as part of the agency’s ongoing “SM Station” project.


Notorious marks a bit of a departure for TRAX, who previously focused on more traditional rock music. (For examples, look at Oh My Goddess or Paradox.) There are hints of EDM in this track, which might provide a view into where this band wants to take things in the future — assuming their agency ever gives them the spotlight again, that is.

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