Track: Mistake | Artist: Drug Restaurant | Album: Drug Restaurant
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Drug Restaurant (yes, that is their name) is a four-member Korean indie band that is perhaps most well-known for its lead vocalist, Jung Joon Young, who rose to fame through Superstar K, a popular music survival program.

This eponymous album and their title track, Mistake, was their second album—and their first since they changed their name from the much more pedestrian Jung Joon Young Band. The eyebrow-raising name comes from modern Korean Internet slang, where the phrase “this was created on drugs” (약빨고 만들었다) has become a popular way to describe something insanely creative or eccentric.


In line with Jung Joon Young’s sensibilities, Drug Restaurant is primarily a rock band. It’s worth checking out his earlier songs, of which one of my favorites is Just The Way You Are, a wonderful collaboration with the ever-talented Younha:

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