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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Magic Carpet Ride

Track: Magic Carpet Ride | Artist: Jaurim | Album: The Wonderland
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Jaurim is one of Korea’s longest-running bands, having officially debuted in 1997—and active in the indie community prior to that date.


The above is the highest-quality video I could find of Magic Carpet Ride, part of their 2000 album The Wonderland, from an official source. If you’d like to see the music video, albeit in potato quality, here it is:

What sets Jaurim apart is their adaptability. Their lead singer, Kim Yu Na, possesses a vocal range that is off the charts, despite what might sound like a tinny, nasally voice at first listen. Listen to Magic Carpet Ride, then listen to 2001's One Fine Spring Day—it’s the same singer.

Jaurim’s discography is also incredibly varied, despite their pretensions of being a rock band. First, listen to 2013's Dear Mother:

Then 2011's Idol, perhaps their best-known track:

If there ever was a reason to coin the term “aural whiplash”, this would be it. Worth it, though.

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Mud loves everyone except you. You suck

in potato quality

I’ve noticed that this is a pretty common problem for most music videos made pre-YouTube.

Though it does seem pretty pronounced with Asian pop songs. Even with acts who are, in pop-music terms, pretty influential and you’d think the record companies might want to keep them on the public’s radar:

Or from next door Japan;

I realize this is a lot of old man wistfulness and for a modern audience everything is fine as long as we can see SZA’s thighs glisten in HD, but I think that a big chunk of music history might be lost.