K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Love City

Track: Love City | Artist: Nine Muses | Album: Muses Diary Part 3 Love City
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Nine Muses is one of the most mature-concept, refined girl groups active right now, so it wasn’t surprising to see them fit like a glove into Love City’s cosmopolitan pop-inspired music.


2017's Love City is Nine Muses’ latest release at the time of this writing, after an exodus one year earlier that saw Hyuna, Minha and Euaerin’s departures. The opening chords to Love City are some of the more unique to be featured in a K-Pop song, and as with every Nine Muses release, the music video’s visuals are impeccable.

What really pulled me over the edge into featuring this track, though, is the sequence of piano chord progressions that that starts in the background at 2:13. It’s so perfectly a part of the song that I wish there was more of it, but it really brings Love City up to a new level and possibly my favorite title track out of the group’s long and generally high-quality discography.


I scratched the surface of Nine Muses’ depressing history in a previous column, but little has changed since then—except another nail in their nearly-finished coffin, as Kyungri decided to go it alone (without expressly leaving Nine Muses). Her solo debut, Blue Moon, is actually quite good, and draws some parallels to Love City in both genre and visuals.

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I said on social media that “Blue Moon” is a mix of Uhm Jung Hwa x Fei’s solo effort, and I stand by that. It’s sultry and sexy and pandering to the gays, and I love it.

I really doubt there will be a 9M comeback anytime soon, considering they’re down to...3? 4?