Track: Lady | Artist: Yubin | Album: City Woman

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After Wonder Girls’ dissolution last year, distraught fans wondered if they would ever see the members again. It turns out they had little to fear; the majority of the girls went on to have their own solo careers, including Yubin, who just returned with Lady.

Lady’s aesthetic feels very much 80s, which — if you knew anything about Wonder Girls’ own discography — doesn’t come as much surprise. In fact, the track strongly reminds me of some of the very first K-Pop divas that performed in Korea back then:

This, by the way, is Kim Wan Sun performing Pierrot Laughs At Us, one of Korea’s greatest hits of all time.

I was never a big Wonder Girls fan; back in their heyday, they had a (somewhat manufactured) rivalry with Girls’ Generation, for whom I was an unashamed überfan. This meant that I didn’t listen to Wonder Girls on principle. Fandoms are silly.