K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Katchup

Track: Katchup | Artist: DALsooobin | Album: Katchup (single)
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Among the many, many idols who’ve attempted to spin off from from their (often dead or dying) parent groups, exceedingly few actually manage to successfully stand on their own. Katchup shows that Subin, formerly of Dal Shabet, is—at the very least—trying her hardest to do so.

Subin (who seemingly now goes by the moniker DALsooobin—see yesterday’s rant column for my thoughts on this) released her first solo track in 2016, which was also the last year that Dal Shabet released an album. The members went their separate ways after that, on the backs of middling album sales and contract negotiation troubles.

One of the benefits of solo albums from idols is that we get to see, and hear, a side of their musical qualities that never would’ve seen the light of day had they stayed together. Can you imagine Katchup coming from the same group that released, say, this:

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OH MY GOSH “BE AMBITIOUS” WAS MY JAM. LOL. The chorus was SO RIDICULOUS and that skirt-splitting dance??? Wonderful!

Dal*Shabet is one of my favourite K-pop groups (I have a thing for B-list groups, apparently; see Rainbow, 9 Muses, Brave Girls...), and I’m hoping that at least some of them end up succeeding. Maybe Woohee?

Also, apparently Subin is hot in Thailand or something?